Looking for Fencing in Mandurah?


Get in touch with Peel Fencing for all your fencing service requirements. We are professional, efficient, and cost-effective fencing contractors in Mandurah. We also supply fencing in Rockingham. Our wide range includes the following:

Colorbond Fencing in Mandurah

Colorbond has set the standard of quality in Australia for over 130 years. It has contributed to many Australian homes’ character, security, and durability.

colorbond fencing mandurah
tubular fencing

Tubular Fencing

Efficient, effective, and economical, we have fencing to suit any site or property. Whether you base your needs on security, appearance, or budget, we are sure to have a fence to suit your application. We supply safety barricades, barriers, and pool fencing in Mandurah.

Pool Safety Fencing

Our superior pool fence meets the Australian Standards for pool safety. It is available in pre-galvanised wire and can be powder coated in a wide selection of colours. Peel Fencing also supplies a range of accessories to accompany such an iron fence, including hinges and gates.

pool safety fencing
chainmesh fencing

Chainmesh Fencing

Chainmesh is the way to go for commercial security or public boundary fencing. Peel Fencing uses all-Australian galvanised steel for its superior quality and durability. Chainmesh fencing provides excellent perimeter security for any establishment.

Colorbond Slat Fencing

Colorbond slat fencing is made from pre-painted Colorbond steel panels and horizontal slats. Resistant to corrosion, fading and weathering, the steel panels are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences. Horizontal slats are fixed to the steel panels for a modern and stylish look. Colorbond slat fencing is popular for residential and commercial properties due to its low maintenance, durability and versatility.

colorbond slat fencing
cedar slat fencing

Cedar Slat Fencing

Cedar is a super-quality material for building the strongest eight-foot fences. Moreover, a cedar slat fence will surely showcase the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar. With varying slat spacing and being paintable and stainable, it is fencing that can be easily adapted to any design.